Saturday, April 5, 2014

and the wind changed ...

We feel like survivors crawling out of the storm cellar after an F5 went through.  A lot of things have happened since we moved into this house.  It sucked the joy from life, there was no laughter, there was no joy, there was no yellow.  There was no hope, only grim determination.

Small and large things started happening that alerted us to this fact.  Like the first Tulips of spring or the O's first loss.  Our kids started smiling more and we noticed.  I've gone a few days at a time without holding my breath.

I've lost my writer's voice, but to be fair and honest, it was getting pretty hoarse anyway.  I needed to be able to hear so I could focus on that instead.  Prayer met.  I have been able to examine a lot of things that were necessary that I would not have been able to do otherwise.  Writing about those things seem like a good idea at the time, but since truth has 2 or 3 sides, it'd just lead to arguments. That would have further complicated the cause.  

I remember a friend had come over and Tim shot photos of him and his girls.  He looked at them afterwards and said he hadn't realized how tired he was.  We looked at them later and said it looked like he was being torn apart from the inside.  The expression of worry, exhaustion, a little anger was all there.  We have no photos of me from the last year.  When I see them, I erase them, because I had the same look.  

I know more people have gone through worse stuff than what we had on our plate.  I'm just happy because my shoulders feel lighter, and so does my heart.

I would like to add that I make a really good Jiminy Cricket, but even Jiminy needs a kick from time to time.

If you've read this far down, thank you so much.  I do really appreciate it.  I'm updating what the kids have done, though you've probably seen it on facebook by now anyway :)

Love Aims.

Can we have a garage sale?

Last night, our 7 year old ball of eternal sunshine asked if we could have a garage sale.  Tim looked at me and I looked at our last little, who was the birthday boy that day, to boot.

Yeah baby.  We can talk about it tomorrow.

Today is the tomorrow of that conversation.  He asked me again, if we could have a garage sale.  I asked him what did he want to sell, and from behind his back he pulled his Winnie the Pooh blanket.  He's had it since his first Christmas.  His Grandma Helen sewed it after I knotted it together so it wouldn't come undone.  He has had it with him everywhere we went.

How much do you want for it?  He shrugged his shoulders.  Zero dollars.  For free I asked?  Yeah he nodded.  I tell you what, how about I give this blanket to a family who's gonna have a baby and will want it for their own little boy or girl.  There's a baby at school mom.  Nah, I know a better family.

With that said, he hands over the carefully folded Winnie the Pooh blanket.  The family it's going to doesn't exist yet.  When my littlest little finally lets me know that he and his wife are expecting, this will be the first thing they are given.  This gift isn't coming from me, I'm just the keeper of all things sacred to my children.  This is coming from a 7 year old who decided yesterday that he's to old for snuggy blankets anymore, and that it's time to give them away, to a baby he doesn't even know.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I put on the movie, The Bridge to Terabithia and the kids were transfixed and transformed.

Normally, Dana calls out she's so and so and Tristan says he's such and such and then they watch their character with rapt attention the whole way through. 

Today, I assigned Dana the character of Leslie as I didn't want her to identify with Janice.  Tristan got the part of Jess.  I would have told Ryan who he could be, but his character was a nice little sibling who just so happened to be a GIRL.

I told Dana that to have friends, she needs to be a friend, and I told Dana and Tristan both that yes, that's how bullies are.

Why did he have to wear his sister's shoes, mom?  Because they didn't have the money to get him NEW shoes, hon.

But why does?  Watch the movie, honey.

I also cried with Dana as Leslie's character died, as I told her this is what a reception after a funeral looks like, and cried some more when she asked why the rope broke.  

Yesterday-after making sure once again they knew who Jesus was and what he did for us-I read about 4 or 5 chapters of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone.

The common theme is a child forced to live in squalor of some sort, who doesn't feel wanted, and then things happen that are better than their imaginations could expect.

They both find friends with similar enemies that help bond them together, and in the end, suffer loss and the promise of new beginnings.

Is it to far reaching to hope that this will help shape them better than ... star wars zombie killers will?

Don't answer.  Right now they are blissfully quiet, and I will happily find as many movies about friendship and love as I can if it keeps them that way.

Thank you for reading down this far, I really do appreciate it.
Love Aims

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pictures are WAY easier than reading!

Dana out in the snow, my pretty prairie girl :)

David had the other nerf gun that night. 
Clay waiting to begin the next song.

I got this mom!

Tim making up dough for sugar cookies

Treezilla, the humongous beast Tristan picked out.

Tristan, my absent minded professor.
I think he was more excited to go out than I was.

Can I go?
I never get to go.

Ya got a spot right, HERE!!

Ron made friends with Nutjob.

Miranda after an Intense battle of Nerf guns.

So pretty.

Queen of  the sugar cookies.

Tristan wondering where his union rep was.  To be fair, she was so BOSSY!  lol

Her bossiness paid off though.

She used chocolate sprinkles so he'd have a face.

totally can't tell it fell, can ya?

They uncovered grass as they made snow angels. hahah.

Tristan is above in blue, Ryan is in red.

10 minutes hand holding to show how much you LOVE each other!! 

He don't mess around with them guns, got Tim square between the eyes after waiting 15 minutes for him, lol

He was on the phone and I made him stand next to the tree to give you an idea how tall it is. We used the ladder to keep it from going over again.
our front porch

we got out for new year's eve.

Dana may be a designer someday, if not she'll have this picture to look back at..

and Ryan posing.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'll never be a teacher

Ryan and I had to do speech therapy at home tonight.  They sent home a list of words to use.  Each word has to be said 3 times.  He has issues with an s before an l, c, or any other letter for that matter.  His r's are more like l's.  We went through a ton of homework where he had to cut out 10 items, (from each page!!) color and paste them to the picture, all while saying the item's name, twice.  Frog.  Fish.  Sailboat. Ketchup.  Fries.  Flowers.  Vase.

After the 3rd picture, I was bored, and needed quick amusement.  One of the many pages sent home instructed me to use words that begin with F and say each one three times so that Ryan could listen to the word.

Tim immediately began coughing and I tried to be good.  (Of all people?  They chose YOU for the F words?)  But there were only 5 words on the speech therapy sheet so I made up my own and made him repeat them twice. 

flatulence  (he needs help with the 'ch' sound)
fish guts
frakking (it's an environmental concern)

I'm sure I'll get a call at some point because he can't say his r's, but until then I'll have had a good giggle and the warm fuzzy knowledge that we worked hard and my 5 year old boy giggled.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nerf Gun Battles and a little girl growing up

The kids each got a nerf gun and the battles have been long and huge.  Sometimes all 3 fight against each other, sometimes one of them sits it out and both Tim and I are involved but it all has the same ending: nerf darts in the tree that Lola will carry off downstairs and bat around when everybody is asleep.  She does have a pretty good advantage, she sleeps underneath the tree and ladder setup.  When I went to rearrange one of the ornaments at the top of the tree, I noticed about a dozen.  It was a good day for war that day, haha.

At one point Christmas Day, I was penned up in the laundry room reloading the nerf guns I had with the darts I'd picked up on the way, Tim came back to get bullets and a gun and told me to cover him while he charged the 3 second rush against the boys. Tim says my cover fire is good, not bad for Nerf guns.  The boys I think were just more excited that MOMMY was in on it, holy crap!! She's a grownup girl!  
In funny odd news of the same nature, the kids also got laser tag guns, you shoot them and after 10 shots you're forced to reset them.  There are 4 of those also but the nerf guns have been a bigger hit.  Not so for Ryan, he wears his laser gun faithfully while in the heat of a nerf battle.  I keep trying to explain to him that it's like taking a knife to a gun fight but he's 5 and doesn't get it. 

Dana, in the mean time, has been busy listening to my CDs and my MP3 player with her Hello Kitty stereo and Headphones.  The sounds of Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Aretha Franklin and a few others make their way out of her room.  Sniff, they grow so fast!  My little sister unfortunately has a little girl who loves the song Barbie Girl.  If you've not heard, I highly recommend you check out the link I'm going to add to this blog.

This is what Cyrrus listens to:  Barbie Girl - Aqua Man
You can find it in German, too, lol.

This is what Dana listens to:  Stevie Nicks - Landslide
... and  : Aretha Franklin - Think

Start 'em up young.  Dana listens to her Piano playing CD also, and the boys are learning how to lock and load a nerf gun with a clip and to clear jammed nerf darts without putting themselves or others at risk. 


Monday, December 24, 2012

the kids' new (old) video game

Ryan, my sweetheart, my angel, my darling, has DESTROYED everybody in the family so far in Mortal Combat.  Tim says he doesn't know how Ryan does it, they just hooked the game up today and as I type I can hear Ryan screaming, 'Go me, Go me!!" and Tristan screaming, "Stop!!" because Tristan is getting his butt steamrolled with spikes. 

Tristan and Dana both played and lost so Tim's like gimme that, and he got his butt handed to him too.  I watched and tried not to laugh.  Ryan's little fingers go so fast, Tim wasn't able to bust out any moves.  He musta gotten kicked like 40 times and then threw Ryan's character over the wall and through a few ceilings.  Ryan's character stood up and kicked him 3 more times and then Tim's character was dead.

I can't wait til Tim can find Super Mario Brothers, hopefully the original.  

The nice thing about this is that Ryan wants to be a big boy and Tristan is a poor sport so this will allow the 2 to figure that out.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Right now, I'm listening to Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest hits with the lights out except for the twinkling on the Christmas tree.  There are things that we do, rituals we have that help us get into the spirit.  Mine is riding around looking at lights and hot chocolate at some point that night.  That was my favorite thing as a kid.  Money was usually tight so anything under the tree was happiness.  I heard many a time that we have each other or we have a roof over our head.  Christmas lights made every thing right no matter how miserably broke my family was.

Last night we loaded the kids up in the family mobile and headed out for the great and grand tradition of looking at the Christmas lights. One of the kids was possessed by the Grinch and muttered or made some rude comment about every house we looked at.  We tried to ignore it and were successful; making it past the Main Street Plaza where everything is pretty and lit up nice, on the way out to the Gap area the houses were gorgeous, right up to the point where we drove past Storybook Island.  EVERY thing in that park is covered with lights and it looked so Magical, so Spectacular, so Pretty, that I wanted to go in. 4 of us were saying, "oooh, wow, wonder if there's a lot of people/where we'll park."  In response to my, "Isn't it beautiful!?" I heard, "It looks like a cemetery."

Apparently mine aren't the only ones that have been the Kill to a parents' Christmas light Joy.  I have a nephew that got bored and plugged his headphones into the DVD player and every time they said, "Look at that one!", he would say, "Oooh."  or "Aaaah." without looking up from the movie he was watching. 

Tim's dad says that it is actually part of the Christmas light tradition.  The kids get bored after 15 minutes and at the 20 minute mark they start asking for stuff.  

Our Grinch got shuttled off to Grandma's and we went back to Storybook Island and enjoyed as much of it as we could (it was 26F out, and we didn't have gloves) and a trip through McD's drive thru.  When we were done soaking up as much fun as we could, we went back and got Grumpy and he wanted to go through a certain neighborhood. We did on our way home, and he was Happy after that.

Today I had the older 2 clean their rooms and then vacuum them.  They also vacuumed my room, the hallway and the living room.  We all made sugar cookies and Dana even washed all the counters and the table (without being told) afterwards. Tim and I rearranged the garage and Tristan and I took boxes to the recycling center.  Pictures will follow soon on Facebook.

We stayed so busy that I forgot to go to the Post Office.  Your Christmas cards will get here around the New Year.  Your laugh ------>here.  

Tomorrow is church, we're making chocolate chip cookies and I made a boat of popcorn, so we might string popcorn while watching Christmas movies.  MIGHT.  We told the kids that it was for the reindeer.  Since it made perfect sense to them, why not?

Thank you for reading all this way down, as usual I appreciate your curiosity/nosiness/love.

Love Aims.

P.S. Your card to me however is displayed in the tree.  If you didn't send me one, I don't blame you.  Who sends a Christmas Card on New Year's Eve?  Really. 

OK!  So one year y'all got 'em around Valentine's Day.  Still love me?  lol.  Love Amy